Google Sphere, as the name implies, will transform your page into a sphere. All of the page’s elements and links will move in a sphere. Even if the links are moving, they are still clickable, and you can click on them. You can also use your mouse to control the sphere. Using your mouse cursor, you can move and rotate the elements from right to left and left to right. However, you can only move and rotate from left to right and right to left, not up to down or down to up. You can still move a little bit from up to down and down to up, but you can’t rotate it completely. By moving the cursor to the center of the page, you can even stop the movement or rotation of elements and links.

Google Sphere swirls your entire search result in a spherical fashion. Your entire webpage, including the elements, will swirl in a spherical orbit around the Google Search button. It’s a lot of fun to watch, especially for children.

Google sphere: How do you use it?

Use your Android device to create a photo sphere:
Touch the Photo Sphere by swiping to the right. Keeping your device vertical, hold it close to your body. Orient the camera so that the blue dot is centered within the circle. Keep the camera steady until a frame of the scene appears.

What is Google Photo Sphere?

Photo Spheres are 360o panoramic photos that can be created with only your smartphone or DSLR camera. They’re an excellent way to “share the world in 360o.” Unlike traditional photos, which only capture a single point of view, photo spheres allow others to freely look all around them to explore the entire scene.
Using a smartphone or a DSLR camera, you can shoot 360o panoramic photos. Using them, you can “share the world in 360o”. In contrast to normal photos, which record a single viewpoint, photos spheres let anyone view all of the scene at once.

Do you know how to play Google Sphere?

Start the Google Camera application on your device. Swipe to the right and tap Photo Sphere. Place your device vertically near your body. Set the camera angle so the blue dot is in the middle of the circle.

What is the Google Earth photo sphere?

The Google Photo Sphere Camera is a new app that you can use on iOS to take 360-degree photos, then share them to Google Maps and other social networks. Basically, it is a consumer-grade version of Google Street View.

What is the procedure for creating Google image spheres?

The creation or import of Photo Spheres

  1. Install the Street View app
  2. Select Create Photo Sphere
  3. Take a series of photographs
  4. Tap Done at the bottom

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